Road environment, object-level 3D spatial database dynamic reconstruction with distributed on-board multisensor system

Project ID: GINOP-2.2.1-15-2017-00058

Amount of awarded fund: 641.377.574 HUF

The intensity of subsidy: 76.74%

Name of the beneficiary: IT Quality Services Ltd.

Consortium members:

  • Optimal Optik Ltd.
  • University of Szeged
  • University of Pannonia Faculty of Information Technology

Expected completion date: 06/30/2020

During the project, we create a self-developed on-board sensor and processing hardware and produce and process multisensory recordings to reconstruct an accurate, object-level, updated 3D representation of the road environment and store it in a constantly updated spatial database. An important principle is distributed operation, recording, and processing of several vehicles on a sharing basis. Frequent sampling ensures the robustness of the generated spatial database. The main technological innovations of the project are in the following areas: vehicle onboard sensor technology, machine vision, Geographical Information System, distributed operating systems. The members involved in the project are outstanding experts in each field and can implement the above technological innovations in their current set-up. Driverless vehicles are expected to appear on the road still in this decade. This generates a strong paradigm shift in the automotive industry. New market gaps are opening up, into which smaller, innovative players have the opportunity to enter with the right technology. In the efficient cooperation system developed in the present project, we want to create know-how that can enter this market gap.