Camera systems for measuring

We undertake the development of digital camera measuring systems according to the needs of the customer. We are in contact with several international industrial camera manufacturers (Matrix Vision, Ximea, Pixelink, Teledin DALSA, Contrastech), which allows us to select the optimal camera for the task.

Our optical knowledge allows us to select the measuring lens that best meets our needs and to design it individually. If necessary, we can also design and implement light sources optimized for measurement. We also undertake coordinated electronic synchronization of light sources and cameras, hardware and software data collection, and software image processing. We also undertake the electronic and mechanical design and manufacture of the complete measuring system.


  • Intelligent metal sheet part recognizer - Meleghegyi és Társa Kft.
  • SZTAKI 4D Studio
  • Stereo vehicle camera system synchronized with GPS data

Matrix vision Contrastech Pixelink Ximea