Precision mechanical parts

Design, production, and testing of precision mechanical parts

Design of precision mechanical parts

One of the important areas of Optimal Optik is precision mechanical design. We have many years of experience using several mechanical CAD systems (CREO, SOLIDWORKS), we have successfully implemented many projects.

Our services:

  • Design of optomechanical parts and equipment
  • Design of precision mechanical parts and equipment
  • Design of precision sheet metal parts
  • Development of production technology
  • Finite element simulation to study mechanical properties

Production of precision mechanical parts

Partly based on our production capacity, partly based on the established supplier network, we can make fine mechanical parts in one-off or series production. Precision can reach submicron grade. A quality assurance system is established to supervise our production processes.

  • Precision turning of parts with an accuracy higher than 0.001mm
  • Precision milling of parts with an accuracy of 0.005mm
  • 3D printing of parts
  • Precision anodizing
  • Precision surface treatment (sandblasting, bead blasting)
  • Manufacture of flat and bent sheet metal parts

Our machines:

  • Spinner PD-400 ultra-precision CNC lathe
  • Stratasys F120 3D printer
  • Bernardo UWF 80 E Vario universal milling machine
  • Bernardo Profi 550 LZ lathe

Measurement of precision mechanical parts

We are aware that ensuring the accuracy of components in optics and fine mechanics is essential.

We have the necessary equipment, professional competence, and professional commitment to measure the manufactured precision mechanical parts. Our equipment includes micrometer-accurate mechanical measuring tools and measurements based on various optical microscopies. With our measuring tools, we can ensure production accuracy for either prototypes or series-produced parts.

  • Measurement of outer and inner diameters, thicknesses with micron grade accuracy
  • Measuring thread compliance
  • Surface roughness measurement
  • Measurement of the inclination angle of surfaces with an accuracy better than arc minute