Optical systems

Design of optical systems

Our company has been a European leader in the design of optical systems for more than 15 years. The projects are usually performed with ZEMAX optical CAD software, which can be of the following types without the need for completeness:

  • Design of sequential systems (eg objective, microscope)
  • Design of non-sequential systems (eg LED street lights)
  • Physical optical systems (eg interferometer, holographic systems, fluorescence)
  • Spherical and aspherical lens systems
  • Free-form optical systems
  • Spectroscopic systems with prism, grid, hologram
  • Polarizing optics
  • Laser systems
  • Thin layer structures
  • Tolerance analysis of complex systems
  • Scattered light and ghost image analysis

Manufacturing of optical instruments

We have many years of experience in the manufacture and assembly of optical instruments. Assembled instruments are typically custom objectives, microscopes, measuring devices, etc. Production volume can vary over a wide range from prototype to series production.

Our partners include many large international companies such as. PPG, EON, and Balluff, but of course we also serve smaller customers.

  • Centered assembly of lens systems with micrometer accuracy
  • Custom fiber optic systems
  • Provide tilt angles for optical components with better accuracy than angular minutes during assembly
  • Advanced optical gluing technology

Measurement of optical components

During the quality production of optical devices, the use of optical components (lenses, mirrors, prisms, ...) with the appropriate precision is of paramount importance. Our company has the necessary measurement infrastructure and knowledge base to test the manufacturing precision of optical components.

  • Radius measurement
  • Focusing distance measurement
  • Aspherical shape measurement
  • Measurement of lens decentering and skewness
  • Flatness measurement
  • Measuring the angles of prisms
  • Examination of imaging properties: PSF, MTF,…
  • Spectral analysis of transmission and reflection
  • Measurement of polarization properties